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Responsive Design

Responsive Design (RD) is web lingo for attempts to make the same content fit many screen formats with equal success. Performance is generally mixed, due to the arcane rules of screen display and the fact that all manufacturers and software designers do not assign the same level of importance to RD.

The WWW was born at a time when most users accessed information with desktop computers and monitors that have a wide aspect ratio (they are wider than they are tall). As more people worldwide have begun to access the Web from tablets and telephones, the display elements associated with the desktop screen format has become less appropriate and less universal.

In this new world, web pages must respond or adapt to the variety of screen shapes and quality. These shapes and standards vary with the quality and cost of the devices. Web designers generally walk a middle line among all the possibilities and generally adapt first to the most popular devices, e.g., iPhones and iPads and a few Android models.

The Journalmaker team continuously adapts our standard layouts, but some are trickier than others, so we make no promise that every page will look right on every device. We will work with every customer to make their content as responsive as possible.

screen capture image
Standard page adapted for tall phone format.