Point, Click, Publish!

screen shots of journalmaker sites
Sample home pages from Journalmaker sites. Your site can have its own custom layout or use a standard template. Appearance and content are entirely under the control of the editor.

Who? Any...
  • Small business
  • Local non-profit
  • Club, school
  • Church, et al.
What? Applicability...
  • Personal journal
  • Affinity network
  • Staff network
  • Newsletter
  • Member management
How? Simplify...
  • DIY content management
  • Tools: blog, forum, FAQ, forms, directory, podcasting, many more
  • Flexible designs and layouts
Why? Control...
  • Who sees, joins, contributes
  • Who contacts your members
  • Who accesses your private and secure data
  • Revenue options

Journalmaker: Good for communication and your bottom line, but your webmonster webmaster may not like it much, as it removes publishing bottlenecks and broadens participation.

screen shot of member profile
The layout and color scheme and content of your member profiles may be different from the one shown here.


If you install Journalmaker's member management tool, each member has a personal profile that enables blogging, links to other networks, and personal information as enabled by the site and selected by the member.

Members can post personal announcements (Updates) in their profiles; recent announcements can be echoed optionally on other pages. Announcements can include links to additional source information. Announcements are limited to about 250 characters.

Each member has a personal journal to present content that is too large or complex for the brief format of personal announcements.

Other tools include member-to-member messaging through which members can send "internal email" to other members.

Members can comment on other members' articles.

Member information is never shared by Journalmaker or used in third-party advertising or promotional contacts. Journalmaker does not facilitate such third-party contact by the site manager, however we make no warranty that it is impossible to circumvent our built-in privacy protocols.

screen shot of member list
The layout of your member list may vary from the one shown here.

Member Management

Journalmaker supports a Members system that enables site managers to

  • allow or restrict access to selected elements of the site
  • allow members to perform certain content-management tasks
  • define groups or categories of membership
Membership can be open or by invitation only, as defined by each member community's administrator. All members have certain standard benefits, and custom benefits, such as direct access to features of a companion application through our API, can be programmed by the Journalmaker team.

Posted content is secured by access control list protocols, with overall security by Journalmaker and site-specific privacy settings.


Journalmaker facilitates networking among members with member to member messaging, personal announcements and individual blogs. Members may also join groups defined by the administrator.

These features may be used both for personal contact and as an issues-tracking system if linked via an API to a companion application such as a personnel or work-flow management system. Member identities can be linked through our API to enable common login if desired.

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