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Content management: Social media, news, operations, history...

  • you are not adding customers (users, members...)
  • old customers are participating less or drifting away
  • your clientele is changing around you due to inactivity or economics
  • your website is not producing the results you want,
  • OR it was last updated in 1997,
  • OR you must rely on a less-than-responsive webmaster for updates and changes...

Who? Is this you?
  • Small business
  • Local non-profit
  • Club, school
  • Church, et al.
What? Do you need...
  • Personal journal
  • Affinity network
  • Staff network
  • Newsletter
  • Member/client management
How? You can...
  • Simplify and DIY
  • Tools: blog, forum, FAQ, forms, directory, podcasting, many more
  • Use flexible designs and layouts
Why? You can control...
  • Who sees, joins, contributes, changes
  • Who contacts your members
  • Who obtains your private, secure data